MINEJazz in the Neighborhood are proud to present the Josh Workman Trio, November 7th, 7:00pm at MINE Gallery. The show will include originals, both from Josh's debut CD, and ones he's working on for the next release. These will be mixed in with an exciting and eclectic mix of jazz, Latin, and Brazilian compositions from the past 100 years. Josh Workman on guitar, Steve Webber on bass, and Bryan Bowman on drums. Youth showcase will be jazz group from Marin School of the Arts.

General Admission: $20.

Student Admission: $10.

For more info on Jazz in the neighborhood click HERE

"Seniorita Rio" Original color lithograph by Mel Ramos, 1964
"Seniorita Rio" Original color lithograph by Mel Ramos, 1964

October 25 - November 23 MINE presents:  CRAZY BIG ART SHOW, a giant art show full of contemporary and pop art, you are sure to find something that challenges, amuses, inspires, and empowers.  We have mined some of the best art in the Bay Area, and bring it to you in one convenient location. For our CRAZY BIG ART SHOW, MINE is collaborating with AFAI, a premium art brokerage, to bring some of the biggest names in modern and pop art to Marin County for the most reasonable prices you will find this side of anywhere!
Original lithographs by Pablo Picasso, George Braques, Claes Oldenburg, Tom Wesselman, Robert Indiana, and Mel Ramos. Collectable lithographs by Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse, plus original art works by Ghettogloss founder and guerilla artist Fiora Boes. Along side these modern masters MINE will be showing some of the Bay Area's most talented contemporary and engaging artists: Nicole Cameron, Jean Capron, Sandra Cohn, Richard Dieterich, Camille Esposito. Brain Evjenth, Danielle Fogel, Jeff Hvid, Mark Jaeger, Judith Miller, Sherry Petrini and Sawyer Rose.


Opening reception for CRAZY BIG ART SHOW will be November 1st, 5-8 pm at the MINE.

EARLY FALL 2014: NEW ART WORKS WORTH SEEING. September 6th through October 19th.

Opening September 6th, 6-9 pm.


Artists represented: Hwei-Li Tsao, Judith Miller, Richard Dieterich, Brian Evjenth and Jean Capron.


Hwei-Li Tsao paints in oil and water-soluble media.  Her work emerges from duality of cultural identity: East/west; traditional/contemporary; artisan/technologist; creator/consumer. She looks deep into objects like  Polyvinyl, transparent, reflective, everlasting: sublime qualities that have inspired my work. Bottles, their nourishment consumed, divide and color space in perpetuity.


Judith Miller  is a mixed media artist who  derives her inspiration from nature; the creative and sometimes destructive. Her work is graceful, joyful and layered.


Richard Dieterich will be presenting his work metal and cloth. The focus of this work is materials; inviting the  viewer to come away with the acknowledgment of the physicality of the raw materials.


Brian Evjenth is a painter who is presenting new work based on layers of color and form. His new series  presented for the first time: " Art for White Walls" playe sobn color as it's central theme.


Printmaker Jean Capron's work lives in the world of her imagination wherein almost anything she look at is imbued with some passage from the Hebrew Scriptures or the Christian Gospels, as well as the mythology of antiquity.


August 9 - August 31st, 2014.

You are invited to an exhibition opening 6-9 pm Saturday August 9th


Come by the MINE and see some art that challenges, amuses, inspires, and empowers. We have mined some of the best affordable art in the Bay Area, and bring it to you in one convenient location.


Artists Represented:

Mark Jaeger, Ceramist

Ayumi Kie Weissbuch, Mixed Media

Ken Belluci, Sculptor

Jean Capron, Print Maker

Lion, Brian Evjenth, 2014
Lion, Brian Evjenth, 2014

Come by the MINE June 7th through August 3rd, 2014, and see some art that challenges, amuses, inspires, and empowers.  We have mined some of the best affordable art in the Bay Area, and bring it to you in one convenient location. Artists represented: Jean Capron, Richard Dietrich, Brian Evjenth, Heather Gordon and R. Dean Nyberg. Opening reception Saturday, June 7th, 5-8pm.

Nude With Embedded Nails by Richard Dieterich
Nude With Embedded Nails by Richard Dieterich

 Core Elements, an exhibition of figurative sculpture by Richard Dieterich with the planted sculpture of  Jennie Strobel, runs April 5th through June 1, 2014.


Richard Dietrich works figuratively in cold cast mixed metals and steel. The contrast between his materials and his subjects evokes the durable strength and beauty of human form. The focus of this work is the sensuality of the raw materials he uses.




Dieterich grew up in Boulder, Colorado.  He received his B.A. in Art History from the American University of Paris with a concentration on African Art and worked in African Art galleries in Paris and New York.  His background is an eclectic one.  He has worked as a Master Brewer, and as a Green Builder. For the past two decades he has lived and worked in Northern California.




Jennie Strobel's  work  is in live, planted  sculpture, and living walls. After career of mosaic, stained glass, acrylic and watercolor painting, sculpture, sewing ,mixed media collage and photography, she began fusing it all together in  landscaping and plant design.




Strobel began her career in the nursery industry in 1997 and started working with Sloat Garden Center in 2002.  She has held a wide range of positions from nursery manager, product buyer, visual merchandiser and garden designer for the Sloat Garden Design Department.  She leads the container design program, is a frequent seminar speaker on various topics ranging from edible landscapes, table-top living arrangements, and terrariums and has led a series of container design workshops at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers.


"Heart on My Sleeve" by Nicole Cameron
"Heart on My Sleeve" by Nicole Cameron

vision/color/love February 1st to  March 30th, 2014.


Please join us for an opening reception Saturday February 1st, 2014 from 5-8pm.


Showing artists: Nicole Cameron, Richard Dieterich, Sherry Petrini and Nick Wildermuth.



Nick Wildermuth's neon saturated still lifes, depict tabletops that are crowded with foods, products, books, plants, and flowers. The scene which emerges from Wildermuth's canvas is not a severe one which reflects  on the significance of these items, but more rewardingly, evokes a secret world where playful and colorful inanimate characters live to the fullest in a haphazard existence of abstracted and colorful backdrops and living spaces.



Nicole Cameron's symbolic, metaphoric, and surrealistic paintings takes the heart as its subject.  The work on one level, is an exploration of the heart as a metaphoric connection to love. The surreal nature of her expressions, and the anatomical heart exposed outside of it's natural element give added layers to this work suggesting Cameron has much more complicated and complex relationship with her subject.


Richard Dietrich works figuratively in cold cast mixed metals and steel. The contrast between his materials and his subjects evokes the durable strength and beauty of human form. Pieces in this new collection have a quiet devotion to a serene inner emotional life, which lifts the heart.



The colorful, spontaneous and oftentimes humorous paintings of Sherry Petrini  are firmly rooted in her vision of courageous spontaneity.  The pure joy of her pieces are in the whimsy of her subjects and her ability to capture in each, a unique exuberance. Petrini's work kindles the kind of glee experienced with a triumphant refusal to color within the lines.





"Upward1" Artist: Amy Stock
"Upward1" Artist: Amy Stock

 Motion + Rest December 7th  - January 26th, 2014.


Please join us for and opening reception Saturday December 7th, 2013 from 6-9 pm.


Showing artists: Douglas Yee, R. Dean Nyberg, Richard Dieterich, Camille Esposito, Brian Evjenth, Sandra Cohn and Amy Stock


San Francisco artist Douglas Yee is an abstract and figurative oil painter. He creates intense personal moments, masterfully creating sensations of the past and of the present, sparking the viewer’s senses not only visually, but also ethereally.   Fairfax artist R. Dean Nyberg’s art begins with finding the right piece of wood. Destined for landfill, Nyberg gives these native cast-offs new life by bringing out the inherent beauty of the wood’s grain and texture, while incorporating it’s flaws into the piece’s overall design.  Richard Dieterich sculpts in a cold-cast process, combining a mixture of recycled atomized metal powders with a hard matrix material, allowing in-studio casting from his Fairfax home, without the use of a foundry. Dieterich uses embedded river rock in some pieces, and recycled steel for his mounts. As an environmentally conscious sculptor, he works to keep his process and results close to nature. A Marin native, Camille Esposito’s work is intuitive.  A lifetime of Marin landscapes and it’s nature are deeply imbedded in Esposito’s work, and her art provides a window into her emotional connection to this land. Brian Evjenth, a Bay Area native as well, draws also from his connection to the wilds that surround us here in the bay area, intensely guided by the local animals that guide his spiritual journey as an artist. Evjenth ‘s paintings combine animal and primal energies to human conscious awareness. Marin’s Sandra Cohn, begins her work where Evjenth’s ends, in the realm of the spiritual subconscious. She transforms this fascination with consciousness into sculptural works which merge the human form with recycled machinery. The results are delightful moments of spirituality in the vast machine of life. 



BreathingLight  October 5th through December 1st,  2013.


Fairfax artist Sandra Cohn’s work Integrates sculptures with salvaged rusted metal pieces and written word. The resulting work is a study of movement and interaction, an invitation to shift perspective and experience altered frames of reference. Cohn assimilates old pieces of broken necklaces, fabric, paper and even rose petals from her garden into her work, often using surplus home improvement materials which evokes an aesthetic of beauty that arises from damaged, discarded, or commonplace elements. 


Cohn’s art reflects a lifelong personal and career interest in the area of human consciousness and the study of brain function and how it affects our understanding of reality and the metaphysical. Her work in the field of neuropsychology at UCSF in the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, included treatment of patients with intractable epilepsy, brain diseases, stroke and brain tumors. This fascination with brain functions and consciousness drives her work forward into a deeper inner discovery of the consciousness of spirituality and the vast mystery of life. Cohn’s work is inspired by the fine line between what we experience in our daily life, how it informs our understanding, and that which is largely invisible to our eye but still within the grasp of our hearts; that line between life and what lies beyond. 


An opening for BreathingLight will be Saturday, October 5th from 6-9 pm. Please join us, we'd love to see you!

Bob Stang: "Closed System"
Bob Stang: "Closed System"

Unframed Freedom

August 17th through September 29th, 2013.


Oakland artist Bob Stang’s work is a repository of culturally shared images which when recombined, recomposed and recontextualized allow for new insight and interpretation. Stang is drawn to imagery of the American West, to settlers, cabins, fences, stumps and all of the trappings of a provisional life. While these images are outward illustrations of self-reliance and yearning for freedom, they also imply a more tenuous relationship to the land: doubt and restlessness.


Sunila Bajracharya, born and raised in Kathmandu Nepal, she earned her BFA in fine art from Fine Art College in Nepal. She was a founding member of Kasthmandap Art Studio since until 2006. She now resides in Fairfax, California. Bajracharya’s works center around the human figure. Her figures, which range in medium, are full of compassion, emotion, gravity and magic. Her exploration in medium contributes to the beautiful humanity of her work. Her wire mesh series captures the polished smooth outer façade of her subject, with the hard rigidness of its interior life, while her metal sculpture pieces evoke the strength and resilience of the organic body.


Richard Dieterich, a Fairfax resident and a MINE gallery staple, works figuratively in cold cast mixed metals and steel. Dieterich's work, which is influenced by the Wabi Sabi philosophy, draws on themes of fragmentation, and the imperfectness of his medium. The contrasts between the raw strength of his materials and his serene and graceful subjects evokes the duality of the human form.


An opening reception for Unframed Freedom will be from 6-9 pm, Saturday, August 17th